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Upcoming Litters Please check back with us April 1, 2021.  Please do not fill out an application. I am not excepting any until April 2021. This year has been a challenge for all of us! I have nothing Available!!!! Thank you🐾

Inquires welcome!  

Reservation Process:  We require a $250-500.00 deposit in order to reserve a puppy from an UPCOMING LITTER after our PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE has been filled out and an interview has been conducted either by phone or in person. Deposits are transferable to another litter if we have a puppy for you and you change your mind about the litter you gave us a deposit for. If we do not have a puppy available from the litter you gave us a deposit for, we of course will refund that deposit to you or you may chose to be placed on the reservation list for the next litter. 

 Puppy Interviews!!Because of Covid 19 I am offering a virtual tour of our dogs / kennel.not a personal interview at this time, I am happy to go over all about our health clearances in our dogs with you/ by text or phone call.

Filling out a questionnaire does not put you on any kind of list.  We ask that you plan for an in person interview and we require references.
If you are in a hurry for a puppy please do not fill out a questionnaire.  You are adding a member to your family, NOT buying a car!

We strive for "QUALITY" not quantity and do not always have puppies readily available, you may have to wait for a puppy.
Patience is a GREAT thing and a healthy, quality puppy is worth the wait. 

Please note that we recommend follow-up phone calls!! 

For more information on upcoming litters for
Nautilus Golden Retrievers 
Please call between the hours of 3-6pm.
at (508) 746-9091 or 508-615-1391

Owners : Julie A. MacKinnon - 


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